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I have the sunglasses, a pair that helps with protecting my eyes from screens, and a pair with my prescription. They are all beautiful and great quality!!! Love these glasses!

Kelly MCgee

I purchased the Charleston specs (Blue light non-RX) and I fell in love with them because they are very light, comfortable, very affordable and stylish. These glasses are great to block blue light from my electronics at night, my eyes feels more rested. Definitely will be purchasing more styles. I recommend them.

Lilian S

I purchased at 4 different times Gleir Eyewear, and what an amazing experience. All pairs of new sunglasses have been🔥. Very stylish, fashionable, met my RX prescription at a very affordable price. The crew at Gleir are off the charts with their service. They treat me like a customer not a number. Thank you Gleir Eyewear!

Pedro Turushina

I wear my Gleir London Specs (w/ blue light protection) everyday at work. My job requires me to sit in front of a computer for 8-9 hours a day, often resulting in a headache from straining my eyes. My new glasses have helped prevent this issue! Thanks for providing fashionable, affordable and QUALITY eyewear!!

Carly E.